Monday, December 31, 2012


The first time I was presented a green smoothie, I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical on how good it was.  I even waited for my husband to try it before taking the plunge!  To my surprise, it was delicious.  After all how can a bunch of fruit and vegetable mixed together be bad? 

We decided that juices would be a good addition to our diet, not a way to replace eating vegetable/fruit but more so in a way to add more nutrients and vitamins to our diet.   So once the decision was made, we looked at the kind of juicer we wanted to get. 

We started juicing by making smoothies in a blender.  I have to admit, I am not a fan of the thick pulp that remains in the drink and it makes it fairly difficult to swallow.  I prefer an actual juice.  We decided to settle on a masticating juicer over a high power centrifugal juicer or blender.  The main reason is that the masticating juicer rotates at a much lower speed keeping all the nutrients and vitamins intact (not cooking them).  The process of masticating removes the pulp and only extract the juice from the fruit and vegetable. 

A lot of people seem to be worried about not having the pulp and therefore eliminating the fiber in the process.  It’s true that most of the fiber is removed in that process but the goal is to actually get a higher amount of nutrients and vitamins necessary and not fiber.  The good news is fiber can be found in a lot of other ways through other products consumed on regular basis.  Plus, the juices are an addition to our diet already rich in fruit and vegetable.

The juices have also been a great compromised for my 5 year old daughter to ensure she would get what is needed for her growth.

I have found that juicing 3 to 4 different items works well.  Here are some great combinations I have tried:
  • Green apples, carrots, and beets – This gives a beautiful rich pink juice, really sweet.
  • Kale (or spinach), green apples, and carrots – This is a guaranteed authentic delicious green juice!
  • Green apple, Fuji apple, carrots, and clementine (or orange) – It is a bright orange juice filled with vitamin C.

There are many other combinations to be done and this is why juicing is so fun. 

Cheers to a healthy 2013!

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