Saturday, June 30, 2012

Review on Rabbit deterants

I am all about natural methods when it comes to my garden so in order to deter the very persistent rabbit(s) from my garden I have turned to several methods, some with success and some without:

1) Bonine - Repels All granules: Sprinkle granules around the area where rabbits and other rodents tend to be in the garden.  Main ingredients are dried blood and rotten eggs.  Results: it did not seem to keep squirrels out and as for rabbits, it may have worked for a couple of days but then evidence of rabbits showed the quick inefficacity of the product.  We have had a lot of rain so this could be another reason it did not work as well (even with several re-applications).  Another thing to note is that it smells bad (I guess rotten eggs did not help!).

2) Bird netting: Wrap the raised bed in bird netting.  Results: it seems to keep the rabbit (and even the squirrels) out, no evidence of rabbits around the beds with the bird netting.  Note: It is an easy and fast installation, fairly inexpensive.  My dislike is everything gets caught in it including my feet, trip hazard.  Maybe this is one of the reasons rabbits do not like it either.

3) Poultry netting: Wrap around the raised bed and secure with small screws to the bed.  Can add small garden posts at each corner of the bed for better support.
Results: after installation, no evidence of rabbits but it may be too soon to be sure. Note: Easy installation, more expensive than bird netting but better convenience as no feet get tangled and better access to produce.

4) Live trap: Follow the directions and add bait. Place in the area where rabbits tend to gravitate.
Results: No rabbit caught! (So far).

5) Warning sign: Drawn by my almost 5 year daughter! "No rabbits allowed".
Results: too soon to tell, pretty sure it will not deter the rabbit but it is too cute to pass.  It is officially placed in the garden.

All in all, it seems the bird and poultry nettings might the best options.  So far, with them on the raised beds, my produce has finally been able to grow.  I am hoping the broccoli bounces back, I think rabbits love broccoli! 
I know the rabbit is still (I hear there is more than one too!) around and still very interested in my garden as I saw it today in my neighbor’s yard.  It quickly fled when it saw me. 
How long do rabbits live again? Is it over 10 years? Argh! 

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