Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chicks, Chicks, Chicks...Hooray!

And here we go again.  Peep! Peep!

If I were a hen, you could say I have been "broody" lately. I finally got 4 new little chicks.  I had to stick to the plan and only get 4!  There is something so exciting about the peeping and perkiness of new chicks.  I got them at the Bothell Feed Center (same as last year).  They have so many new chicks and breeds, it was hard to pick.

This time, I decided on trying 4 new breeds: Barred rock (Lolie), Delaware (Della), Buff Orpington (Maggie) and Ameraucana (Stella).  My daugther is really excited about the Ameraucana and is hoping she will lay blue or green eggs (and ham!).

Since, I don't have a garage the chicks are currently in the spare bedroom.  I am hoping to keep them in the house only for three weeks and then move them to the coop with the heated lamp.  Last year, I remember getting lots of dust in the room towards the end (that was the un-fun part!).  So, I am currently working on modifying slightly the coop to make a separation between the current flock and the new one.

One thing I have done different too, is the waterer.  For some reasons, the ones meant for chicks and chicken don't seem to be my favorite.  They get very messy, very quickly and they hold everything BUT water.  This year, I opted for a small rodent 8oz waterer and it is working just great.  Who said that chicken were stupid?  Right away, the new chicks knew what to do with it.

I love new chicks, they are really entertaining...I can spend hours looking at them...Good thing for the red light as I have to take breaks in order not to see everything green!

It surely feels like a deja vu and I am excited to keep going on my chicken adventure.

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  1. In the coming weeks, you will give them a worm, won't you?