Thursday, January 19, 2012


Day 6 of the snowmageddon 2012! 

Well, how do you handle it when a snow storm hits your area. 
I have to admit that Seattlelites tend to be a bit wimpy when it comes to snow.  1 inch and the city shuts down. 
I have to say I was a bit sceptic at first and even made it to work on day 5. 
Day 6 is by far the worst.  We totalled about 4-5 inches of snow at our house but the worst has been all the ice making the streets a huge ice rink.
Temperatures have been low for Seattle (in the 20s, brrrrr).  So the next challenge has been to ensure everyone is kept warm, fed and hydrated.  Easy tasks for all of us in the house (hubby, daughter and cats) but for the girls (aka the chicken) it has been another challenge.  Being that it is my first winter with them, I want to make sure that their experience is as good as mine.
The biggest one has been to ensure that their water was available at all time.  I changed it twice a day (in morning and afternoon) and it seems to do the trick.  I have also added some plastic and garden fabric around the run to make a quick wind breaker.  That has also helped  keeping the girls happy.
I think they have handled themselves very well.  They are hardy breeds which has proven to be wonderful.  The thing I have noticed is that they do not specifically like to walk on the snow as I had to "rescue" one of them who had wandered around and found herself stranded!
The coop is also holding on well under the snow which is another bonus (yeah for me!).
Keep warm, be safe and enjoy the few days off (If you are in the area)!

Here are some pics of snowmageddon:

Brrr, it's cold! That's Sweeney.

Paulette also happens to be molting just now.

This is Gossie.  The best layer so far.

Rosie, more worried about her "shoes" than laying eggs...No egg from her so far.

The wind breaker!

Welcome to hotel "Chick de Ville".

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