Sunday, December 18, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Do you make a list of resolutions or goals for the upcoming year?  I do make a short list usually of things that I would like to accomplish within the upcoming year.  I try keeping the items to under 10 to make it easier to achieve.
This year I am highly focusing on my "metro farm", I am on the quest to grow more and become more self sufficient over the years.  So here is my list:
1) Start a blog or enhance this blog should I say. 
2) Expend my edible garden: I currently have about 4 functional raised beds and the goal is to add another 6.
3) Record my experience - I want to be more hands on on the garden and take notes on what's working and what's not.  I am challenge with the amount of sun my garden gets so I have to plan really carefully around it.
4) Make more cheese and yogurt - I took a class at PCC to learn how to make cheese and really enjoyed the experience.  I want to keep on mastering my skills.
5) Get 4 more chicken - Since my chicken venture started last year and turned out to be a fantastic and easy experience, I am thinking of adding 4 more chicks to the flock. 
6) Learn more about bees - I am interested in eventually keeping some bees in the garden for multiple reasons (ensuring they do not extinct, pollination and honey!).  I am taking a class with Seattle Tilth in January to learn more about bee keeping. 
7) Save more money - I always enjoy finding ways to save more money and live frugally.  It's also a way to avoid unnecessary stress in my life.
8) Eat less meat - I am not looking at turning my family into vegetarians but would like us to be less dependant on meat products.  It is also to be a bit healthier.  The goal is to have two or three "meat less" days a week.
Here it is, this year I have 8 items on my list, I think this is very manageable and achievable. 
What are your goals and resolutions for 2012?

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