Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fruit Roll Up

Rolled in parchment paper
A couple months ago, my daughter came home from school and mentioned she wanted to have fruit roll up for her lunch.  I looked at my husband and asked him, what in the world is a fruit roll up!  As he explained it to me, my face started changing (not in a good way)...Nothing about it sounded appealing to me...Treat full of preservative and very sticky!  I told my daughter at that time that my version of fruit roll up was to take a fruit and to roll it.  Even at 4, she knew that this would not do!
One of my friends ( Wendy, thanks Wendy!) came across a homemade fruit roll up recipe in Martha Steward magazine and decided this would be the ideal compromise for our family! 
I told my daughter that if she wanted fruit roll up, she will have to help me make them and that way she could see how they are done.

This turned out to be a great activity for the two of us and we made delicious (preservative free) treats!
Amelia proudly takes her fruit roll up to school and even tell her friends she and her mom made them!  Maybe we are on our way to change the world one kid at the time, ok maybe not but I like to believe I am making a difference.
This is how it looks like

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