Monday, December 26, 2011


Christmas is the time of the year where you gather together with family, friends and a great dinner.  A time to enjoy all these important things in life. This year was no exception.
I was very excited to put my brand new range to the test for Christmas dinner! 
I made a great menu to entertain my family and friends.  It was going to be a total of 5 of us but still I was planning to cook for 12!  What's the fun if you don't have any left-overs??

Menu was as follows:
Appetizers: Oysters and Foie Gras
Main course: Roasted turkey, mashed potato, chorizo stuffing, brussel sprouts in dijon sauce and gravy
Cheese and kale salad
Dessert: Buche de Noel

On Christmas morning after all the presents excitment, a quick breakfast bite and a surprise visit by Santa (compliments of our fire department), I moved on to the kitchen to start this fabulous dinner.

First, I started with the dessert, cake got baked and rolled, the chocolate cream started to cool down, I even attempted to make mushroom meringues for the decoration.  I placed them in the oven, and moved on to the chorizo stuffing when all of the sudden the power went completely OUT!  What? It is almost 11am and no power!!!!  What is one to do!  Scream, panic, run around, cry???? STOP!  No one panic, I will not be defeated so easily...Dinner will go on and Christmas will be amazing.
First, let's think of what can be used...I have a gas stove so I should still be able to use it, right? Well, I guess it needs electricity to ignite, no luck there....
Let's move to plan  B...Wood stove is on and hot, perfect place to boil the potatoes, the propane tank for the gas grill is fairly full, plus I have a side burner...We are saved...Food will be served!  Roasted the brioche and got the homemade sourdough baguette baking on the barbecue and continued cooking the stuffing thanks to the side burner. Then I prepared the Brussel sprouts. 

I decided to forgo the turkey at this time as it would be too demanding cutting parts of the raw turkey and grill them on the barbecue, no time for it.
My friends arrived on time for the party with the oysters, cheese and fabulous wine...
Let the party begin, we sat in a moderatly dark living room with candles as our only source of light (very romantic).
The oysters were shucked by the guys with the help of an LED lamp.
Before dinner I reheated everything on the wood stove and we moved to the dining room....As we sat down and started dinner, the lights came back on!  it was 5.52pm!  Woo hoo we pulled it off and had a fabulous time...So much for testing my range!  I guess I need to organize another dinner party soon.
How was your Christmas?

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